Developer blog Amazon Games addresses issues with New World

In a very extensive blog let the developers behind New World know that they are listening to the community and working hard to solve the biggest problems.

Amazon Games launched their own MMORPG called New World just over a month ago. Although the player base was first around one million, this was almost halved after a month. It is therefore good to read that the developer is actively working on raising and solving the necessary problems in New World. In the blog, they highlight some of the main points they’re working on right now: character transfer, issues with the in-game economy, and the server issues in general.

From now on it will be possible to transfer your characters to other servers, so that you can decide which server you play on. In addition, they recognize problems with the economy in the end-game, so they come up with a plan of attack to fix it. They also indicated how they will tackle various exploits, such as item duplication.

A number of smaller issues are also discussed. If you want more detail on this, I suggest you read the blog itself.