Developing 2K LEGO Sports Games

TT Games no longer has exclusivity over the development of LEGO games on consoles. 2K has signed a new partnership with LEGO to create various sports games based on the toy line. The first of those titles will be a football game, followed by a racing game next year.

How many LEGO sports games is 2K developing?

2K currently has three sports games in progress, according to Video Games Chronicle† The first of these is a football/soccer title in development at Sumo Digital, the studio behind Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Details on this title are scarce, although the release is expected to take place in late 2022 to coincide with the FIFA World Cup which kicks off in November.

The second of the three titles is a racing game in development at Visual Concepts, the same game that sparked rumors of a Midnight Club revival a few weeks ago. Thanks to those vacancies, we know that this will be an “open world racing game” with some form of multiplayer aspect that is “fun for all ages”. It is expected to be released in 2023.

Finally, there is a third title “based on a major sports franchise”, but there are no details on this yet. All three titles could potentially feature characters from licenses such as Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars, as well as LEGO’s many internal lines.

The deal adds further evidence to the rumor that LEGO will no longer renew their console exclusivity contract with TT Games. Apparently there are several reasons for this. First, LEGO is not happy with recent claims of poor working conditions at TT Games. There is also uncertainty about the future of Warner Bros. in gaming after recent acquisitions. Finally, declining sales of LEGO titles have prompted the company to broaden its production in hopes of playing a bigger role in the video game market. TT Games is currently working on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and another unannounced LEGO title, but it’s unclear if they’ll be making any more LEGO games once those two are complete.

In other news, Shadow Warrior 3 will be added to PlayStation Now on release day, its first title ever. This has led to rumors that Project Spartacus may be revealed soon. Elsewhere, Guerrilla Games has confirmed that they are focusing on the visual issues players will encounter in Horizon Forbidden West’s performance mode.