DICE continues to focus on Battlefield 2042, not Star Wars Battlefront 3

DICE is too busy fixing Battlefield 2042 to be able to work on a Star Wars Battlefront 3 as well.

It seems that EA and DICE are done with the Battlefront series, at least that is what sources known to the studio claim. These sources spoke to Venture Beat and announced that DICE will continue to focus on Battlefield 2042 and will not develop Battlefront 3.

In November, Tom Henderson already reported that DICE had pitched an idea for a third part of the series to EA, but the publisher saw no money in it.

It actually makes sense that DICE keeps the focus on Battlefield 2042. The game still doesn’t quite work as the developer envisioned and besides, it’s already losing a lot of players. EA might even consider making Portal mode free-to-play to attract new players.

EA will be revealing its latest quarterly financials on Feb. 1, so if anything happens, we’ll be there to hear about it. The publisher will not stop making Star Wars games for the time being. Today it became clear that the publisher is not only working on a successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but also on an FPS and a strategy game around the universe far, far away.