DICE Removes Smiling Russian Helicopter Weekly Mission Reward From Battlefield 2042

DIE has announced that the weekly mission rewards in front of Battlefield 2042 will be suspended for this week, as the reward itself has been removed.

This week’s reward was a skin titled Grin Reaper for a Mi-240 Super Hind Russian helicopter. Just under 48 hours after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, DIE pulled it down.

The developer made the announcement via the Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter account, with a statement.

“In light of current events, we have disabled the weekly quest system for this week and this week’s reward is no longer available to unlock… Players who have already completed this week’s quest will not be affected. Weekly missions will return next week.”

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Over the next seven days, developer 11 bit studios will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of This war of mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Source – [Polygon]