Disney and its disproportionate payment to comic creators

The MCU is the most successful franchise in film and television today. But who thinks about the creators and their benefits? The payment is around $ 5,000 from movies that exceed a million dollars.

The disproportionate amount it pays Disney to comic book writers and artists whose work appears in film and television, it’s not going to go unnoticed. The story itself delves into the legal environment, for example, how copyright is paid (or not) for the characters they have created. There are some key points that will surprise you.

Various sources say that when the work of a writer or artist appears largely in a blockbuster of Marvel studios, a common gesture from Disney is to send them an invitation to the premiere with a check for $ 5,000. That’s it.

Often times, this recognition ranges from $ 5,000 to nothing. There are a lot of somewhat complicated contractual environments these creators have to jump into to be recognized. If your creations are deemed not original enough, it is unlikely that they will receive anything more than a special thanks in the credits.


I have been offered a (character contract special) It was really terrible, but it was that or nothing an anonymous author counts. And then instead of fulfilling it, they send me a thank you note and say, ‘Here’s some money that we don’t owe you,’ and it’s five thousand dollars. And you say, ‘The movie has made a billion dollars’.

Ed brubaker, the co-creator of the Winter Soldier, you have already talked about this in the past. Has revealed that he and Steve Epting they performed at its premiere party. Apparently they weren’t invited. They got in when they sent a message to Sebastian Stan.

It is somewhat difficult to specify the payment that Disney and Marvel could compensate the authors. One thing is clear, and that is that this situation must change.

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How much would be enough? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Where is the limit? Leave your opinion in comments.