Disney Dreamlight Valley brings the magic to PC, Xbox and with Game Pass this summer

All of us here at Gameloft Montreal are beyond excited to announce today Disney Valley of Dreamlight, our upcoming life simulation adventure game coming into early access on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11 PC, and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this summer ahead of our free-to-play release in 2023.

Disney Valley of Dreamlight it’s about giving players the chance to live a magical life alongside iconic Disney and Pixar characters. Players enter the dream world of Dreamlight Valley and embark on an enchanting quest to restore a once idyllic town to one that is now desolate and full of night thorns. Uncover the mysterious secrets that brought you to this new world and explore various kingdoms inspired by classic Disney and Pixar worlds as you help the city’s iconic inhabitants recover their lost memories.

We’re particularly proud of the game’s expansive and gripping story-driven campaign. The Disney and Pixar characters you meet have their own individualized story arcs and friendship goals, all of which you can accomplish through exploration, gift-giving, and other fun activities. As you help your new friends, you will gradually begin to remove the night thorns around Dreamlight Valley with the power of your inner magic. This results in new areas opening up for you to explore, and giving you access to more Disney and Pixar friends to find and help.

Disney Dreamlight Valley screenshot

Throughout your trip, you’ll participate in fun activities where you’ll meet your Disney and Pixar friends in new ways. Your days will be filled with everything from whipping up delicious Disney-themed desserts at your own town restaurant alongside Remy from Disney and Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” using your latest catch from your time in the fishing hole with Goofy, as well like the vegetables he planted. and harvested from the Wall•E garden, just to name a few. Best of all, we’ll be regularly updating the game with more content, including new Disney and Pixar movies and events. No matter what happens, you will always find new adventures to have, more activities to enjoy and new friends to discover, all for free.

As huge fans of Disney and Pixar, we understand that much of the time celebrating and sharing that fandom is personal. Disney Valley of Dreamlight allows you to design the Disney and Pixar town of your dreams while customizing and personalizing not only your character but Dreamlight Valley as well. Try on hundreds of different clothes from an ever-evolving list of Disney princess-inspired dresses, Mickey Mouse-embellished streetwear, or unleash your inner artist and create your own tops, skirts, hats, and more. Outfit your town house with a plethora of interior décor items, like Frozen-inspired vintage kitchen designs, and spice up the town with your own creative flair, unlock new items as you play, and build friendships with your Disney and Pixar neighbors . We really encourage players to make both their character and their Valley as unique as possible and hope to implement even more items and options in the future.

Disney Dreamlight Valley screenshot

If you are interested in getting one of the first opportunities to magically live in Disney Valley of DreamlightAll you need is an active Xbox Game Pass membership to get access to our next Early Access (more details to come). Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows 10/11 PC gamers can get early access by purchasing a Founders Pack from the Xbox Store. We’ll even be offering some exclusive rewards for those who book, so be sure to stay up to date by following one of our many social channels or visiting www.disneydreamlightvalley.com.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to Dreamlight Valley this summer in Early Access, where you’ll be the first to experience the game and share your feedback as we launch! We hope to see you there and we know some residents who look forward to it too.