Disney is about to buy The Lord of the Rings

The rights to The Lord of the Rings are currently up in the air and Disney is very close to acquiring them. This would be very unexpected!

The Lord of the rings could end up in the hands of Disney In the next weeks. As reported tolkienverse in social networks from the information thrown by an insider, the House of the Mouse wants to exploit the franchise with movies, series and amusement parks. As Tolkienverse indicates, there is a lot of material in the books and this could end up allowing a lot of new things. In addition, the insider maintains that the North American company would like to involve Peter Jackson again. And that would mean having him in everything that is developed in the company.

The Lord of the rings It is probably the most important fantasy saga of all time. If we take into account that Disney owns the rights to franchises like starwars and Marvel Studiosand that he has demonstrated supremely good knowledge of the operation and management of these sagas… That the work of J. R. R. Tolkien ends up in the hands of this studio would not be bad news. Another thing is the legal implications regarding monopoly issues and others. But the news is considerably good, especially for fans of the universe of the Middle Earth.

Amazon does not own the rights to the cherished trilogy

Many may be wondering how it is possible that Disney wants to buy the rights to The Lord of the rings Yes Prime Video is going to be brand new The Rings of Power in September of this same year. The truth is amazon does not own the rights to the trilogy, but some elements related to The Silmarillion… and not all! That is the reason why the series The Rings of Power It will have to invent many plots and reinvent many others. They are “caught” by the obligation not to touch what they do not possess. We’ll see how it all ends, but this current movement is very interesting.