Disney reveals its best purchase was neither Marvel Studios nor Star Wars

Right now the largest film studio in the world is Disney as they bought Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, Pixar and FOX which were added to their already extensive catalog.

There was a time when Disney they were going through a bad financial streak and far from worrying they spent a lot of money buying other movie studios or properties. Since they first acquired Pixar for 7.400 million dollars, Marvel studios, for 4,000 million, LucasFilm for 4,050 million and finally FOX for 71.3 billion. But, of all these … What is the best buy?

So answer Bob Iger, who was CEO of Disney until very recently:

“I am proud of many of the decisions that were made. Certainly the acquisitions were big deals, but the most important was Pixar, because it was the first. And he put us on the path to achieving what he wanted to achieve, which is scale when it comes to storytelling. That was probably for the best… What I wanted to do more than anything is that I wanted to send a signal to everyone at Disney that it was a new day, that we were more open-minded about expansion, particularly about partnerships. That creativity was the most important strategy for the company. And Pixar, at the time, exemplified original storytelling and quality and creativity in its highest form.

Pixar will be important but Marvel Studios is the most profitable.

Since they decided to create the Marvel Studios Cinematic UniverseHis films have been a tremendous box office success with few exceptions. In addition, between all of them they have exceeded 20,000 million in collection, which is a real outrage. But the most important thing is that they have no intention of stopping and they are releasing more and more installments, without forgetting that they expand their stories with series on the platform Disney plus. Since they also want to be number one in streaming, something that they will surely achieve in a few years.

They owed her one after being eliminated from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

All content of Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, Pixar, FOX and much more is currently on Disney Plus, the streaming platform that can be accessed through this link.