Disney Will Change Predator Mythology

The Predator saga has certain characteristics that have always been respected, but now they want to change everything.

In 1987, the first film of predator starring arnold schwarzenegger, since then they have made several movies and comics where the aliens hunt the humans. But now, the film rights belong to Disney and they have already shot a new installment entitled Prey in which many creative liberties have been taken.

the president of 20th Century Studios (Disney subsidiary), Steve Ashbelldescribes a Prey as a kind of bet during a recent interview.

“And best of all for fans, we can find bold different takes on beloved Fox properties. You can take big creative swings, something you’ll see with Prey, which we’re releasing this summer. A Predator film set on the Great Plains in 1719 directed by Dan Trachtenberg. That’s what this allows us to do.”

For now, it seems Disney will quite respect the saga of Alien with the series that will Noah Hawley (Legion, Fargo). But with predator Many creative liberties have been taken and what we see may not fit with the rest of the installments in the saga.

What will Prey be about?

The story will star Naru (Amber Mid Thunder) a young Indian-American girl who wants to be a warrior but they won’t let her. When a Predator arrives and she hunts down the men of her village, she must prove how good a fighter she is and try to put an end to the alien threat. In the distribution also stand out Dane DiLiegro, Stephanie Mathias, dakota beavers and Stormee Kipp.

Director Dan Trachtenberg is responsible for 10 Cloverfield Streetfor which he has shown that he knows how to handle female characters and alien beings.

Are you looking forward to seeing this Predator reboot? The movie Prey will premiere on Disney Plus in summer 2022.