Dive into Sunken Secrets in the latest season of Fall Guys

in this season of Fall Guys, explore a city lost under the sea! These ruined courses are in need of repair, so be prepared to dodge the dangers of the deep, including twisting obstacles and the tentacles of a mighty kraken! The ancient inhabitants of the city also built colossal slides out of slime, so jump in for a fast but dangerous slide to the finish line…

Contestants looking for additional rewards for their efforts can also win two full costume variations through the new Marathon Challenges, so grab a tropical float and dive into this season of secrets!

We are drowning in rounds!

You will be under pressure in the maritime world of Sunken Secrets. Dodge the Kraken’s tentacles and perform the ultimate plummet slide in our five new rounds. From Blastlantis to Kraken Slam, you’ll be dodging obstacles between squid calamities to take the crown!

Fall Guys - Sunken Secrets
Dive into Sunken Secrets in the latest season of Fall Guys 5

season pass

You Xbox gamers are no joke, you work hard to unlock rewards like nobody’s business! With a new season comes an all-new Season Pass, packed with oceanic goodies.

For anyone who doesn’t get the season pass: don’t worry! There will continue to be a free progression path available for you to get some fun unlockables too.

Let’s get Kraken!

To kick off this new nautical season, we bring you the Let’s Get Kraken event! Exploring the Lost City can be a dangerous adventure, with a Kraken lurking in the ruins… But the challenge is worth accepting. Playing the new rounds will earn you some delicious rewards, including a fancy wearable antique alloy anchor!

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Dive into the Blunderdome, see you there!