Doctor Strange 2: How has Professor X returned after his death?

Professor X’s “death” in Logan doesn’t seem to be a big deal in Doctor Strange 2. But how did he come back? Patrick Stewart speaking!

Patrick Stewart has spoken about the resounding return of Professor X on Doc Strange 2. The film, one of the keys to the MCU Phase 4, will hit theaters on May 6 after a few delays due to the pandemic. Benedict Cumberbatch returns to the franchise of the Sorcerer Supreme. The character will have to deal with the consequences of what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home. In addition to the British actor, we will also see elizabeth olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong. All of them will return to their previous roles in Marvel Studios. In addition, we will have the presentation of Xochitl Gomez What America Chaveza new superheroine from the studio.

Patrick Stewart: “My character has died twice before”

Now, in an interview with the magazine rolling stonePatrick Stewart has spoken about the return of Professor X in Doc Strange 2. However, he has avoided revealing too many details about it. You have to be careful with spoilers, of course. According to the actor, Charles Xavier He has already died twice in the movies X Men. Therefore, according to him, he must have a kind of power in the style of Superman. That is the only clue he has given about his return in Doc Strange 2. His full statements are as follows:

«This is a bit of a complicated topic. All I can say is that we will have to wait to see it. Keep in mind that Professor Xavier has already died twice. I think he must have some Superman-style superpower.«. It will be interesting to see if Professor X dies again in Doc Strange 2. You know what is said there are not two without three. The first resurrection of the character took place at the end of X-Men: The Final Stand. However, what seemed like his final death took place in Logan. A farewell that still hurts us, despite the five years that have passed.