Doctor Strange 2 will have a different rhythm than expected

The screenwriter of the film Doctor Strange 2 hints at what the sequel to Marvel Studios’ Sorcerer Supreme will offer.

The first installment that premiered in 2016 was directed by Scott derrickson and had a script of C. Robert Cargill, but due to creative differences they left the sequel. Therefore, Doctor Strange 2 will have Sam riami Y Michael waldron. It has been precisely the writer who has revealed very interesting details of what we can see in the new film. Since so far, they have commented that it will be the scariest movie of Marvel studios, but it will really be different than what people might expect.

Michael waldron revealed that his experience is series like Rick and morty Y Loki I help you:

“The comedy helps, because at least, it’s just the rhythm. I think the rhythm of comedy is similar, in a way, to the rhythm of thrillers, of exciting movies. Sam Raimi likes to work at a fast pace and that was something I felt very comfortable with thanks to my work on Rick and Morty and the Loki series. So our sensibilities fit very well. “

Which means don’t expect that Doctor Strange 2 have classic horror but it will be more similar to the style Sam raimi. That is, it will have a rhythm like the movies Terrifyingly dead (1987) and The army of darkness (1992).

This is what it was like to work during the pandemic.

“Yes, I mean, God, it was a strange year, as it was for everyone. I was getting ready to go to Atlanta to be on Loki’s set when I was basically stopped in Doctor Strange 2 and I was starting with Sam Raimi. So I ended up spending my entire 2020 doing Zooms with Sam, discovering that movie, and it was a blast. Then I got to be in London for five months at the top of this year doing that movie. So yeah, it was great. “

“It was a lot of fun going from Loki straight to Doctor Strange 2. It was totally different, you know, doing a show about a villain than making a movie about a hero. It was good and I felt like I could work completely different muscles. And after being on set with Sam Raimi, it doesn’t get any cooler than that. “

Doctor Strange 2 will be released on March 25, 2022, the rest of the films of Marvel studios can be seen in Disney Plus.