Doctor Who The Edge of Reality now available with original voice cast

Despite being a huge cultural phenomenon and huge global asset, it’s surprising we haven’t seen more Doctor Who games hit the market. Doctor Who: the edge of reality takes players on an adventure led by the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors, with actors David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker reprising their roles, respectively. Originally launched as Doctor Who: The Edge of Time exclusively on VR, The edge of reality expands on that original title with new monsters, worlds, and gameplay, bringing it to console players who may not have been able to experience the virtual reality version of the game.

Watch the launch trailer for Doctor Who: the edge of reality below:

Like a brand new story in the doctor who universe, players will encounter classic doctor who monsters – Daleks and Cybermen are all there – as well as new threats like the ‘CyberReaper’. The story revolves around the Reality Virus, which causes many problems due to its time problems and affects the reality in the past, present and future. This creates the Chaosverse, an alternate universe affected by the Reality Virus “where worlds and timelines collide to create new adventures, encounters and threats.” This allows the developers to play with many fan favorite elements from around the world doctor who series, filling The edge of reality with Easter eggs and callbacks for players to discover.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality was developed by Maze Theory with development assistance from Just Add Water. It is produced in association with BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC for just $24.99. There is also a digital deluxe edition for $29.99 that includes additional content such as the ability to use other Sonic screwdrivers from previous incarnations of the Doctor. The Nintendo Switch version will be released on October 28 with a short delay.