DOOM 3 VR edition announced for release on March 29 on PS4

Bethesda has taken the wraps off DOOM 3: VR edition, a brand new version of the classic horror first-person shooter coming to PS4 on March 29.

While DOOM 3 is already available for the PS4, it has never been playable on Sony’s console in any validity before and the pack will arrive with Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. DOOM 3 is now completely overhauled for VR play, offering Aim Controller support and a 180 degree turn to enable the best experience possible.

In addition to the above, DOOM 3: VR Edition also offers new textures, shaders, sound effects and weapons attached to a flashlight, plus a wrist display for your health.

Originally released for the PC and Xbox in 2004, DOOM 3 is probably the closest you can get to survival horror. In the games, you have played as an unnamed Marine as he fights the minions of Hell on the sprawling settlement on Mars, decimated by the demonic outbreak.

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