DOOM 3 VR Edition pits players against the forces of hell

There will be some PlayStation players too young to have ever played DOOM 3. Originally released on PC 17 years ago, the game was later ported to PS4 in 2019 to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Now the game gets a whole new version and way to play. DOOM 3: VR edition will be released on PlayStation VR at the end of this month.

DOOM 3 restarted it DOOM franchise in the action-horror first-person shooter we know today. The year is 2145 and players take on the role of a space marine dropped on Mars to provide the results of a failed science experiment. The UAC explored the effects of teleportation, biological research and advanced weapon design, but one of their teleportation experiments accidentally opened a gate to hell. Now it’s up to the Navy to stop the invading demons from attacking Mars and reaching Earth. The VR edition also includes the two game expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The lost mission, which equates to 15 hours of gameplay.

Now that the game has been improved for VR, players will be able to lean around corners, take corner shots with motion controllers like the Aim controller, perform fast 180-degree turns and use a wrist-mounted display to track health, armor and ammo. The game also got new textures, shaders and sound effects to bring it to the modern age.

DOOM 3 isn’t the first game to come to VR. DOOM: VFR was a special VR game released in 2017 that we had a lot of credit for. The DOOM franchise is soon to reach its 30th anniversary and has been very successful so far. As noted by @ bogorad222 on Twitter, along with the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, the three IPs are worth more than $ 7 billion. The last game in the franchise, DOOM Eternal, generated more than $ 450 million in revenue for the first nine months of release. Bethesda will hope DOOM 3: VR edition will continue that success when released for PlayStation 4 on 29 March. The title will also be backward compatible on PlayStation 5.

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