dos and don’ts in this open world and vikings RPG

We tell you how to start without fear in this video game that is succeeding on Steam.


The truth is that when a video game bursts onto the scene and surprises us all with its playability we celebrate it. In today’s world where we believe we have everything under control, video games like Valheim should be released it is very comforting. No, the game of Iron gate You haven’t discovered the wheel, but it’s an open world RPG survival game very interesting.

Valheim is being a success and has already exceeded one million copies sold on SteamThis video game, which has been one of the big surprises of the last few days (it came out in Early Access on February 2), it is being a success and it has already exceeded one million copies sold on Steam, scandal figures. The game can be enjoyed both in solo as in multiplayer, This being perhaps the most interesting way to face the adventure in this cruel world.

And yes, we say cruel world, because there is no other. Valheim is tough, difficult, it will take you to the limit: you will die a lot. But its success is no accident. Although, as we said, the game does not invent anything, it has mechanics implemented very intelligently and it will catch you in its nets if you give it a chance. Don’t get carried away by its retro-style graphics: Valheim is deep and it has a lot of content.

That may be precisely one of its great arguments, because even though it’s in early access, you are going to be hours and hours in their procedurally created worlds. If you have decided to venture to play it, in 3DGames we tell you 8 things to do at the start of a game and 4 that it is better that you avoid, to be able to start your Viking history on the right foot.

Without a doubt, this genre Not old fashioned, and in fact we selected a few days ago 6 survival games that are yet to come and that may interest you if you are lovers of this type of title. If Valheim catches your eye, but you’re not quite sure if it’s a video game made for you, we recommend you read our impressions after having put in a few hours.

What to do when starting out in Valheim

Image of Valheim

Wood and stone, the basics

Yes, it is clear that if you are regular survival video game players you already know that the first thing to do is get resources. In Valheim it is important to get wood and stone at the beginning to be able to make the most necessary tools to start the adventure on the right foot. You can pick up the branches and rocks that you see on the ground, or hit the smaller trees. By the way, it is important that you go crafting chests as soon as you can to save the materials and not fill your inventory.

Ax and hammer, your new friends

With your new resources it is time to make your first tools to develop your Viking life. First, we recommend you make a stone ax, to get wood more quickly, since it is a resource that you will need a lot, also to build your bases. Then it is important that you create a hammer, since with it you will begin to raise the first buildings.

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Work table, key to development

As in many other games (for example Minecraft), you can only create a series of objects with your own hands. To make more complex crafting you need a work table, something also important for your base to begin to improve. But the most important thing is not even that. When installing the work table, an area is generated to be able to build, but also bear in mind that it will have to be covered with at least some walls and a ceiling to activate it.

House on the beach … with good stakes

At the beginning it is better that you make your first camp where you can, but when you advance a little we recommend that you make the house near a large river or the coast, also because later on you will be able to have your own boat. Also, keep in mind that enemies will attack your base, and they are not fooling around. Stakes are really cool to decorate, but they’re not for that: you really have to protect your camp. Use the different security measures that the game offers.

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Eat, you will get stronger

It is important that you get some food at the beginning as well, but you have to take into account how the food works in the game. In other titles of this genre, if our hunger or water indicator drops a lot, we can die. In Valheim this works in a different way, since what will give us food will be improvements of life and stamina. Even in the early game it is important that you plan your matches with a certain strategy. If you don’t eat, your health will be ridiculous. Food is important to keep you strong. By the way, you cannot eat the same type of food twice in a row.

Rest point … and respawn

In Valheim you are going to die. It is like this, there is no other, it is implicit in these games and also this one is especially cruel, it can become very complicated at certain times. Therefore, having a warm place to reappear is always appreciated. If you create a bed, you can spend the nights sleeping and it will become your respawn point. Something “bad” is that you are going to have to put a fire next to the bed to make it work. If your floor is made of wood, you cannot put the bonfire. How do we solve this? Just put the bed next to one wall and the fire outside the house next to it. It will not matter that there is a wall separating both objects.

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Practice makes a master

In the game, the character has some abilities such as running or swimming that we can improve simply by making use of them. The more we swim, the better we swim. Of course, keep in mind that when you die, the values ​​of these statistics may decrease. In Valheim it will be important to keep these skills in mind, because if one day you have to run, you are going to miss being better at that characteristic.

Take down the bosses

To be able to advance in the video game it is very important to defeat the bosses, since they are the main points of progression. When you’re ready with decent weapons (especially an upgraded bow) and good armor, look for the location of the first boss, Eikthyr. By defeating him you can improve and get different new objects, such as bronze. Of course, before all this, protect your base well, because after defeating the first boss the attacks will be common.

What to avoid in Valheim in the beginning

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Be aware of your limits

Valheim is a tough game and death awaits you anywhere. Before we have told you that skills improve with use, and it is important that you are clear about how far you can go. For example, dying by drowning is not such a crazy thing, and your belongings will be lost. You also have to be clear that to face certain challenges you must be prepared. You are going to die, yes, but it is important not to act crazy, because then you will not be able to move forward and frustration will appear.

Beware of monsters

In your adventure you are going to meet all kinds of enemies, some more harmless and others completely lethal. At the beginning it is important that you move from complex confrontations and focus on taking down some low-level animals or monsters. If you have to flee, do it, the game will not have mercy.

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Don’t neglect your equipment

We have already told you to take advantage of the food to have good health and stamina statistics, but it is also important that you keep an eye on your equipment if you go hunting or defeat new enemies, because it must be repaired and in good condition. As a tip and a trick, keep in mind that you can repair weapons on the workbench at no cost.

Trees and fire, the silent enemies

When you cut a large tree, shout: “Tree goes!” No, seriously, do it if you are playing with more people. If a tree falls on you, it will kill you. You are going to laugh, but almost better than putting comedy aside in Valheim. And by the way, fire really burns. Do not get too close to the bonfire because you will regret it.

Be careful with the bonfires at home

We have already told you that fire can be an enemy … And not just because you can burn yourself with it. If you put a bonfire inside your house, in a basic construction, you will die from the smoke. The solution is to make a tall key with windows and it will not affect you. We have warned you, don’t die from this.