Dr Disrespect starts new studio

Controversial streamer Dr Disrespect, known as Guy Beahm in real life, starts a new AAA studio; Midnight Society. He will not do this alone, he will be at the helm together with two veterans.

Together with former Call of Duty and former Halo developers Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo, Dr. Disrespect started the studio Midnight Society. They mainly want to involve the community strongly at all stages of development, something Dr Disrespect has often complained about on his streams about other studios

According to Twitter, they are already working on the first game, a PvP game that is being built in Unreal Engine 5. More than that is not yet known. Hopefully we’ll see an announcement soon. Beahm was already darting last August whether people would be interested in opening a studio with a ‘unique twist’.

For those who have never heard of the best man; Guy Beahm is a former developer who has found himself in streaming with a very recognizable setup. He always wears sunglasses and characterizes himself with a sturdy mustache and old-fashioned mat. Last year, he was permanently banned from Twitch after allegedly breaking several rules for reasons unknown to him.

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