Dragon Age 4 release is reportedly on track for 2023

As stated by Venture Beat journalist and industry insider Jeffrey Grubb: Dragon Age 4 is on track for release in 2023.

Grubb quoted sources familiar with the project, and given his track record of leaks (he leaked accurately) Legendary Mass Effect Edition and many more), we don’t have much reason to doubt this information. In addition, it appears to be consistent with Electronic Arts’ statement on the matter.

“You have to assume that dragon era — it’s there, we’ve talked publicly about it being in the works — it’s probably coming after fiscal 22,” said CFO Blake Jorgensen in October 2019. And when BioWare released a trailer in December 2020, the studio made it clear that Dragon Age 4 is “still in early production.” “We thought it was time to give you the very first look at how BioWare’s passionate team of developers make this very special game,” the developer said at the time.

Grubb also reassured fans, who are understandably concerned after the Hymn disaster, that Dragon Age 4 is not built as some sort of live service game. This doesn’t mean the game won’t feature multiplayer elements, though – just that BioWare’s focus is on creating a single-player story experience.

As for when we get more information about Dragon Age 4, Grubb speculates that EA will be able to bring the title to market in 2022. BioWare recently apologized to fans for its absence from EA Play, noting that it will share more with fans when the time is right.

As it stands now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be hearing much more this year.

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