Dragon Age 4 will not have a PS4 version

Looks like we’re at the tipping point for PS5 and PS4 cross-gen releases, as a new report highlights that: Dragon Age 4 won’t have a PS4 version and instead just let loose on PS5, PC and other next-generation consoles.

A new report from the VentureBeat saw an update from the LinkedIn profile for one of the chief designers at BioWare, who in the description for his work on Dragon Age 4 lists it as a PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S game only, and VentureBeat was able to confirm from EA that it will only be a next-gen release.

To be honest this shouldn’t be such a big surprise because by then Dragon Age 4 finished, it will just be another in a long line of games released only on what is technically the latest hardware.

But the deeper we go into the PS5 generation, the less likely we will see PS4 versions of games, which is to be expected, although it could happen sooner than expected.

Source – [VentureBeat]