Dreamscaper comes to the cloud, console and PC Game Pass


  • dreamscaper is available now on Xbox One, Series X|S, cloud and PC Game Pass.
  • Dream, die, wake up and repeat the story of your dreams.

Have you ever wished you could conquer your inner demons? Get out of your nightmares with a sword? Face your fears by giving them a good frying pan? dreamscaperthe roguelike surreal action game from developer Afterburner Studios, gives you that opportunity on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as cloud, console, and PC Game Pass. Find it now available in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

dreamscaper is an action roguelike with a cycle of gameplay waking/sleeping game that you can play over and over again. At night, delve into your subconscious and face nightmares in an ever-changing world filled with unique items, abilities, and challenges. Use powers to manipulate your unreality, upgrade surreal gear, and discover artifacts to help you battle bosses that embody isolation, fear, negativity, and loss. During the day, explore the city of Redhaven, build relationships and unlock permanent upgrades to face your next dream stronger than ever.

Take advantage of the vast and expansive combat system that will reward you according to your skills in the game. Watch your position and quick reflexes to defeat enemies with a large number of combat options. Every kind of weapon in dreamscaper It’s iconic: rip the earth from beneath your nightmares, slam a deadly yoyo into your enemies’ faces, and more. Discover all the ways available to enter combat. Enemies and bosses in dreamscaper they are representations of Cassidy’s more negative emotions. She defeats deadly enemies to clear the dark miasma that surrounds her.

Venture through beautiful and haunting dreams to uncover secrets, defeat nightmares, and upgrade your gear as you uncover Cassidy’s story through a journey through her subconscious. Each dream will give you a glimpse into her memories, personal struggles and experiences of hers.

As Cassidy, you must forge friendships and provide her with hope, friendships, and memories. Prepare to face challenges to end the darkness of Cassidy’s nightmares! ¡dreamscaper is now available on Xbox in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico) and GamePass!