Dune triumphs at the international box office and its second installment is approaching

The most anticipated premiere of the year for many it is Dune, a film directed by Canadian Denis Villeneuve and which is based on the classic science fiction novel by writer Frank Herbert. But due to the multiple delays due to the 2020 pandemic and the current instability of the premieres in theaters, its collection at the box office remained a mystery, until now.

Hope has returned for the most fans of Dune and is that the recent data of its collections at the international box office have made us think that the premiere of what could be its second part would now be closer than ever. According to the data reflected on the web Box Office Mojo, Dune would have already raised more than 37 million dollars in its first weekend on the billboards of the countries where it has already been released. Among them, Spain, where it premiered on September 17.

dune ticket office

Russia leads the list with $ 7.6 million raised, followed by France with $ 7.5 million and Germany with $ 4.9 million. In the Spanish territory, Dune has achieved a collection of 2.4 million dollars, becoming the second best premiere of 2021, behind Fast & Furious 9 that grossed 2.8 million in its premiere.

Will we have a second part?

Recall that Denis Villeneuve thought of a two-part story at the time of filming Dune, but the Warner Bros. studio is still waiting to see what that figure will be like at the box office in the United States after its premiere on October 22 to see if it can move on. with the production of the second part of that second part, or if it will finally remain as an unfinished plot.

With these new known data, surely this part two of Dune will be difficult to miss. Its director, Villeneuve, loves it and the most fans too, so the hope to see that saga become a reality is closer than ever.