Dwayne Johnson really wants to pit Black Adam against the Avengers

Actor Dwayne Johnson plays DC Comics ‘Black Adam and aims to achieve an epic crossover with Marvel Studios’ Avengers.

For now, it is almost impossible for that to happen, as Black adam and the characters of Dc comics belong to Warner Bros, while The Avengers from Marvel studios are from Disney. Therefore, two rival companies will probably not combine their characters. Even so Dwayne johnson whenever he can, he says it would be a great idea. And he’s probably right.

Now the actor Dwayne johnson has shared a post on your social media beside Simu liu, the actor of Shang-chi and has relaunched the crossover idea:

“Very happy for your success, Simu Liu and it’s great to see you break new ground in our industry. What a way to raise the bar with Shang-Chi, buddy! But you’re going to need a lot more than 10 rings, my friend. Let me know when you or someone from Marvel Studios wants to dance with Black Adam. “

Do you think it would be a good idea for the two franchises to join? It has already happened in the comics a couple of times, but that we can see it in the movies seems completely impossible.

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First you have to see if people like his portrayal of Black Adam.

Dwayne johnson He is one of the biggest stars in the world and is almost always a success everything he does. Even Red alert It has become one of the films with the most views in the history of Netflix. But now it enters the territory of superhero cinema and although everything that they have presented of Black adam it looks impressive, it has yet to shock viewers around the world.

So before you think about who you have to face Black adam, either Superman or The Avengers, the most important thing is that this movie is one of the great releases of 2022.