Dwayne Johnson wants Emily Blunt in Black Adam

The actor has gotten Blunt to confess why he hasn’t made a superhero movie… yet.

With the premiere of Jungle cruise just around the corner, the Host of the interviews of Collider, Steven Weintrub, met with his protagonists.

Emily blunt has rejected numerous comic book movies over the years. His co-star and partner Jungle cruise, Dwayne johnson, has gotten me to explain why.

It’s always about the story and (playing) a character that I haven’t done, said Blunt about the roles that he turned down. It’s not something you’ve been inclined to do before, but it’s not something you reject, at all. It’s just that it wasn’t the right time or the right thing to doexplained Blunt. She also noted that she would be interested in following a comic book movie if the script was appropriate.

Since Blunt and Johnson have fantastic chemistry together in Jungle cruise and they share an easy rapport in interviews, it was natural for Weintraub to ask Johnson if he could make a niche for Blunt in a future DC movie with Black adam.

Look, I’ve sent Emily a bunch of pictures of Black Adam, and she obviously has a great relationship with Jaume Collet-Serra, who is our director on Jungle Cruise and what Black Adam just did for us tooJohnson said.

I’ve always been very, very impressed with the decisions Emily has made. Now that I have gotten to know her and become one of her best friends, (I can) look back and see that what is just as important are the things that she has conveyed, which is really what (has put her) in this position. where it is today.

Jungle cruise hits theaters and Disney + with premium access on July 30. Are you going to miss it? If you want to access the review of the film spoiler-free, go to this link.