Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Star in a Call of Duty-Based Movie

After The stone even teased an incoming announcement about a new movie based on a big game franchise, we now know what that franchise is.

A new report from the website Giant Freakin Robot (With thanks, Eurogamer) reveals a new one Duty movie is in the works, starring Dwayne in the lead role.

However, there is no record of what the story will be, who will play The Rock, or any real contextual details.

While the franchise has its roots in World War I and World War II, it’s possible we’ll get a movie based more on one of the modern Call Of Duty stories.

With the incoming continuation of the restart Modern Warfare franchise that Infinite Department has worked, it would make a lot of sense to link that to a modern-era movie.

The report does emphasize that Johnson is still in the ‘talking’ stage to work on this film, but it does feel like the sort of thing that will happen. Hollywood’s biggest star in a movie based on the world’s biggest game.

Source – [Giant Freakin Robot, via Eurogamer]