Dying Light 2 Free DLC Authority Pack Part 2 Released

Techland has released the second part of the Dying Light 2 Authority Pack for free DLC. The latest release includes three new Intimidating gear for your character. The free Authority Pack DLC can be redeemed through the PlayStation Store, in addition to the ongoing TechlandGG Twitch drop campaign. Additionally, Techland will release the third volume of the Authority Pack sometime in the near future.

What does the Dying Light 2 free DLC pack include?

Part two of the Authority Pack includes the Intimidating Gauntlets, Intimidating Windbreaker, and Intimidating Leather Guards. These new gear complements the first volume of the Authority Pack, which similarly included an Intimidating Jacket, Hightops, and Cargo Pants. As teased in the official trailer, the third part will feature a large car engine-like hammer. It is important to note that the packs are separate downloads, which means that players will have to download each part of the free DLC separately through the Playstation Store to collect them all.

Techland is also currently running a campaign where players can redeem special cosmetics, gear and weapons if they link their TechlandGG account to their Twitch account. Plus, if you’re not into streamers, you can still complete various missions and challenges in the game to get items on the TechlandGG website† All you need to do is link your TechlandGG account to your PSN.

Since the release of Dying Light 2, developer Techland has addressed the game’s various issues and promised fans that it would continue to improve the game. Last week, the studio stated that it was working on a fix for poor connectivity in the game’s co-op mode. Techland has also stated that it would release new stories and free DLC for at least five years after launch.

In other news, sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky received its 19th major update yesterday, with new enemies and a friendly AI drone. A lawyer recently spoke out about Sony’s misleading pricing for Horizon Forbidden West, warning it could lead to a class action lawsuit.