Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s Final Dying 2 Know Episode Reveals Launch Trailer

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been featured time and again in numerous gameplay trailers leading up to launch. Now we are almost at the finish, with Dying Light 2: Stay Human release on February 4, 2022 and the final pre-release launch trailer.

The trailer was shown in the finale Die 2 Know episode streamed live today by Techland. The episode was mainly a final reminder of all the things to expect at release, like how to play the entire game in co-op.

Not only can you play in co-op, but as players progress through the story, all decisions that affect the story can be voted on by the entire party, not just the host.

You can check out the new launch trailer for yourself here:

The Die 2 Know episode also features a quick comparison of what players can expect the game to look like on different consoles, starting with PS4.

Source – [YouTube]