Dynasty Warriors 9 Producer Akihiro Suzuki Wants To Make A Star Wars Musou Game

The Dynasty Warrior games are known for their 1v1000 model and endless mindless fun. It’s a style of play that, of course, works well in traditional Dynasty Warrior settings, but has also translated well to other IPs, such as Zelda.

Akihiro Suzukia producer on Dynasty Warriors 9 however, has a particular IP address in mind that he would like to work on, which is: star wars.

The idea of ​​using the power in incredibly stylish and bombastic ways to take out hordes of droids or stormtroopers at once while swinging your lightsaber sounds pretty fun. It could be that Suzuki has something here.

In an interview with JPgames, Suzuki talked about how the team talks about multiple IPs and works, as options for new musou games.

However, for Suzuki, Star Wars is his personal choice.

“Within the dev team, many different IP and works have been put forward. This is just my opinion, but my own personal wish would be a Star Wars crossover.”

Ever since Disney handed out the game development rights to anyone with a good pitch, we might just end up with a Star Wars musou game.

Source – [VGC]