EA also blames Halo Infinite and Covid for disappointing Battlefield 2042

EA knows that Battlefield 2042 itself did not quite live up to its expectations, but also blames other factors for the disappointing sales.

According to EA, the Covid pandemic and the free Halo Infinite multiplayer also helped the multiplayer game Battlefield 2042 not be as successful as hoped. This reports Xfire who attended an EA meeting.

During this meeting, EA chief studios officer Laura Miele and other EA executives discussed the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042. For example, Miele indicated that the early launch of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite did the release of their shooter little good.

The pandemic had also done little good for the development of the game. With everyone on the team sitting at home, they faced new challenges during development than if they had just worked in the studio.

Miele also admits that despite the innovation and ambition for the project, such as moving the game to a new Frostbite engine, it was “very important to recognize” when mistakes were made, and this was “certainly the case with the launch of Battlefield,” which “didn’t live up to player expectations,” and also “clearly” didn’t meet EA’s expectations.

DICE recently announced that the game’s first in-game season has been postponed (again). This time it wouldn’t be released until the summer, so the team could focus on all the bugs and missing features.

Due to the various issues with the game, players started to leave en masse early on – at least on Steam. But apparently only 43% of Xbox players have reached level 15, and only 22% of players have reached level 25. Things are looking slightly better on PlayStation, where 36% of players unlocked the level 25 trophy.

Some players were so fed up with the game that they even started a petition asking EA to give players their money back, regardless of the time spent on it.
Even David Goldfarb, who worked as lead designer and writer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, discussed the current state of the game, echoing many of the community’s complaints.