EA CEO Andrew Wilson “Battlefield 2042 Launch Didn’t Meet Our Expectations”

EA has recently been . released latest earnings report, and organized a conference call to discuss the findings. It seems that the work-from-home crew has really hit the publisher just like everyone else, while there have also been “unexpected” performance issues they’ve dealt with.

What was clear, though, right off the bat, was that: EA wasn’t particularly happy with Battlefield 2042’s launch. EAs director Andrew Wilson seemed to sum it up by saying:

“The launch of Battlefield 2042 did not meet our expectations.”

While the quote itself may not seem like much, coming out as the top dog in a public conference call about how business is doing adds a whole lot of weight.

It has been clear since launch that EA wasn’t happy with how things are going, but we all know there’s still plenty of hope for the game.

Updates and changes have been the savior of many a game, multiplayer or otherwise since developers were able to release patches. DICE turned things around with Star Wars Battlefront II after a while, so who says they won’t do it again with Battlefield 2042?

Although I can imagine at a faster pace, since Battlefield doesn’t start nearly as bad as Star Wars did.

Source – [Twitter]