EA Play Live showcase will not include Dragon Age and Mass Effect

EA has announced that EA Play Live will focus on the games that will be released in the coming period. So don’t expect the publisher to show a Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

In any case, the showcase will reveal Battlefield 2042’s third mystery mode. Called a “love letter to the fans,” this mode is speculated to become a HUB where players can play through old maps from various Battlefield games with the weapons and vehicles from the different time periods.

In addition, Apex Legends, FIFA 22 and the other sports games from EA will also be reviewed and there is a chance that a Dead Space revival will be announced, although it seems to us that this game will not appear relatively early. Maybe a little teaser after all?

In any case, it doesn’t look like the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect will be mentioned during the showcase.

Before EA Play Live takes place, EA will hold several panels that will delve deeper into certain games. These will be held in the run-up to the showcase.