EA Vancouver plans energy-efficient office expansion in 2022

Publishing powerhouse Electronic art has announced plans to launch a new expansion office in Vancouver to complement EA Vancouver’s existing headquarters.

Located on the Great Northern Way in Vancouver, the four-storey building measures 120,000 square feet. In addition, the Daily Hive Vancouver reports that the structure is the first modern large-scale wooden office building in Vancouver and is 70% more energy efficient than a standard office.

Plus, the location itself is quite convenient, being just a 10-minute drive from Burnaby’s EA Vancouver campus. Jon Lutz, Vice President of Strategy, Operations and Finance at EA Canada, said:

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We are excited to add this great new footprint, with great amenities for our team, to our flagship Burnaby studio as we continue to invest in our teams and leadership in the market. The health and wellness support present at the new location will not only help EA attract and retain great talent, but also provide an environment for staff to do their best work.

EA Vancouver is responsible for a number of key franchises for the publishing house, including the multi-million-selling FIFA series. It also works on UFC and NHL, making it one of EA’s most lucrative businesses.

[Source – VGC]