EA’s CEO believes the FIFA brand is “a barrier” to the franchise

The FIFA branding is what EAs director, Andrew Wilson, believes to hinder the franchise more than anything else.

In a new report from the website VGCWilson already told staff in November that the only value: EA derived from their deal with the football organization were ‘four letters on the front of the box’.

It’s not exactly surprising to hear that this is Wilson’s belief, as it was already clear that they wanted to get away from the FIFA brand.

While saying “FIFA” is more synonymous with the video game than just the sport these days, it has been the biggest sports game for years.

I fall EA had the name changed, it would not be surprising if the first football match of EA unnamed FIFA sold as well as its predecessors without skipping a beat.

That said, there have been other games and developers looking to topple EA thrown from them. While it’s doubtful at best whether any of them can even compete with EA

Source – [VGC]