Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – First look at one of the most anticipated games of the summer

Get your first look at the highly anticipated upcoming release from 505 Games, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise! The game’s story takes place on the continent of Allraan in a small mining town called New Neveah. The battle against the evil Galdean Empire awaits you. Traverse the city, meet a vibrant cast of colorful characters, collect resources, and prepare for epic battles.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise

As you look at this first look at Eiyuden Chronicle: Risemake sure you pay attention to these five key elements in footage!

  • Use potions and other stat boost modifiers to increase your chances of survival. You may notice that we are at a very high character level compared to the enemies we face in this exclusive skin. when you play Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise, confrontations can be much more challenging than they seem. Potions will give you an advantage when traversing dungeons, but they heal your entire party. Try to even out the damage your party takes to heal everyone efficiently instead of only partially healing your squad members. It is possible to abuse your team members!
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise
  • Fast travel will help you traverse massive dungeons and speed up quest completion. You’ll save hours using the maps and signs to fast travel instead of running everywhere.
  • Some enemies have an additional bar next to their health that represents a shield. Focus on removing this extra defense to quickly take down strong enemies.
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise
  • Each character can help out in unique ways throughout the levels and even in combat. For example, Garoo can quickly destroy shields, Isha can effectively break down defenses from magic-focused enemies, CJ is better equipped to traverse challenging terrain, and Isha can teleport to inaccessible areas. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Garoo acts questionable towards others. Is he hiding something that could motivate him to make these decisions or is this all part of his bestial nature?

Stay tuned here on Xbox Wire as we’ll have more news to share ahead of the release of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise later this year.