Elden Ring Closed Network Test Classes Revealed

Elden Ring just got an incredible look at the gameplay in yesterday’s short preview, and while most will have to wait until February to play it, a lucky few Tarnished will get their hands on it early via a Closed Network Test, and if you join, From Software revealed which classes you can choose from.

You can choose from five different classes, namely the warrior, the Enchanted Knight, the Prophet, the Champion or the Bloody Wolf. Nothing about their stats or attributes has been revealed, just photos of what players can expect their default clothes to look like.

As the tweet notes, the Closed Network Test is almost here and only a week away, and it will probably raise the hype levels for Elden Ring even more. Fans of From Software games have very high expectations of Elden Ring, and hopefully the upcoming test will help clear up any remaining doubts – although the gameplay reveal seemed to work just fine on its own.

Of course, it must be said, however, that the real test will come when we all have a chance to play it in February next year.

Source – [Twitter]