Elden Ring’s recent leak may have delayed game’s upcoming reveal, Bandai Namco reportedly investigated


The recent leak from Elden Ring, which revealed an internal trailer for the game and its first gameplay to the world, may have pushed back the game’s gameplay reveal, according to insider Jeff Grubb.

In the latest episode of The Game Mess Show Live, Jeff Grubb states that he is less certain that Elden Ring will be seen this month, as the leak has changed Bandai Namco’s strategy. He goes on to say the following:

“I’m less sure, and I’m less sure, because I think the leak may have messed things up a bit, but I still think things are happening, things are coming together. The reason I think the leak messed things up is that I think Bandai Namco is hard at work, figuring out how to tweak the posts, making sure they fully understand how the leak happened … game. “

Grubb then goes on to say that there will be other opportunities to show the game like E3, and that’s when we can apparently expect it outwardly. This is disappointing to hear, of course, but not entirely surprising given that the leak was unusual and probably the biggest leak to come out of Bandai Namco as it accidentally revealed three games on its press site just days before E3 2019.

You can watch the latest episode of The Game Mess Show Live below:

Elden Ring is launching for PS4 and is expected to come to PS5 as well.

Source – [The Game Mess Show Live]