Enter the world of Total War: Warhammer III now available on PC Game Pass


  • The prologue campaign Total War: Warhammer III takes you into the fantastic world of the game and gives you a guide to create a massive army.
  • Learn how effective diplomacy can be in winning allies and even sparking war between rival factions.
  • Total War: Warhammer III is now available on PC Game Pass.

Total War: Warhammer III is now available to play on PC Game Pass. This is the biggest game we’ve ever made, with more Lords to choose from and armies to command than ever before. If you’ve just joined this game, you may feel the confusion of a mortal wandering the impossible fortress of Tzeentch! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico).

But do not worry. While this is the third title in the trilogy, it’s also the best time to start organizing your forces and building empires in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. The game kicks off with a completely new experience: a custom narrative campaign that we designed to bring you up to speed and refresh generals who need to remember both the basic and advanced techniques of warmongering. This prologue campaign features an epic story that will take you right into the middle of the main game.

Regardless of whether it’s set in a historical period or a fantasy world, Total War is a two-mode game. On the campaign map you will be able to manage settlements and advance your armies to grow your fiefdoms. When your army meets an enemy, it will start the battle and the game will enter the second mode. Tactical battle features potentially hundreds of warriors at your command.

The prologue begins in the campaign layer of the game, teaching basic movement, construction, and settlement management. As you progress through the campaign, the settlements you capture will grow larger and offer more building options. In no time, you will be running a large number of camps, earning wealth and feeding troops. Even in the harsh environments of the Chaos Wastes.

Of course, to secure these settlements you will need an army, and the Prologue introduces this facet of the game clearly. Do not worry! If you don’t know the difference between Bloodletter and Bloodthirster, that’s okay. You will first have human units that will help you recruit a good mix of ranged, melee and cavalry elements before heading into the tumult of battle. You will also have the presence of Gerik, your trusty brother in the narrative, who will guide you through those first maneuvers. There’s nothing like seeing your first successful charge take down the enemy!

Despite the name, Total War is not just about swords and arrows, here, words have power too. The prologue campaign will show you how effective diplomacy can be in winning allies and even bringing rival factions to war. Or, project your power to anyone who stands against you.

Total War: Warhammer III is a huge game full of epic characters, dying gods, transforming dragons, greedy ogres, valiant defenders and stranded demons… For newbies this might be a bit intimidating, but the Prologue campaign gives you all the tools you need to not only survive, but to thrive in this amazing world. Get ready to explore and master it!

Total War: Warhammer III is now available on PC Game Pass for Windows 10/11. Early adopters of the game will be able to enjoy the Ogre Kingdoms DLC for free until February 24. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico).

Conquer your Demons! This is Total War: Warhammer III!