Environmental thinking enters the world of technology

Published January 5, 2022

Technology environment

No one will probably miss the fact that it is not very environmentally friendly with new technology in the long run. Even though the technology world, just like in most other areas, tries to think more and more about materials and manufacturing, it is difficult to get away from the fact that it is stressful for the environment to produce heavy technology such as mobile phones and computers. But there are also tricks in the technology world to act environmentally conscious.

We all know how important it is to think about the environment when we consume, and of course this also applies to technology. In the past, it may have been difficult to shop, but no longer.

Invest in used

A smart way to bring in environmental thinking is to invest in buying used mobiles. For a long time, it was difficult to find really good used mobiles, but as the market looks right now, it is easy to get hold of both relatively new mobiles and well-functioning ones. It probably plays into the fact that an incredible amount of new electronics are released and also very often, which means that many of us are inclined to replace our mobile phones as often as possible. As the new market grows, so does the second-hand market. Therefore, it is smart both for your own wallet and for the environment to look at what there is for used phones before you decide what you want to buy and whether you want to buy new or used.

Do not leave your old electronics lying around

Another thing that is important when it comes to electronics we no longer use, is not to just leave it lying around and litter there at home. It easily happens that we buy new, get stuck in it and then we leave our old phones and computers lying around and littering at home. The problem is that the electronics we no longer use can be used for new electronics if we submit it. If it is in a drawer or in the basement, it does no good for us or the new production. In addition, it is environmentally friendly to take advantage of the parts that mobiles and computers are built of and reuse them for new computers and phones. In this way, we do not waste resources.

It is easy to hand in your old phones and computers to companies that are happy to receive them. In addition, there are many companies that now offer that you as a consumer can get a discount on new phones or computers if you hand in your old ones to them. By thinking one step extra about the environment, not only the climate becomes happier but also the wallet. If you do not want to give up your old technology stuff, it can be a good idea to at least take advantage of spare parts from them.