Epic Games asks Apple to put Fortnite on the South Korean App Store

As everyone already knows Fortnite from Apple’s App Store. This is because Epic has applied its own payment option in the game. That goes outside the rules that Apple has on apps in the App Store. Since then, Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal battle. The official Fortnite Twitter page has indicated that Epic asked Apple if they can place Fortnite on the South Korean App Store. Why did Epic specifically ask for Fortnite to be placed on the South Korean App Store?

That’s because South Korea has passed a new law. The new law requires companies such as Apple and other major tech companies to allow payment options that come from a third party. The law was passed in August. Epic sees an opportunity Fortnite re-release on iOS, even if it’s only in South Korea. Epic then plans to apply Apple’s and its own payment option.

“Epic intends to re-release Fortnite on iOS in Korea offering both Epic payment and Apple payment side-by-side in compliance with the new Korean law,” said the official Fortnite Twitter page.

Apple doesn’t seem interested in putting Fortnite on the App Store. They would only allow it if Epic agrees to Apple’s rules. Those rules apply to anyone who places an app on the App Store. “As we’ve said all along, we would welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else. Epic has admitted to breach of contract and as of now, there’s no legitimate basis for the reinstatement of their developer account.”

It is not yet clear when the law will come into effect. Apple is under no obligation to put Fortnite back on the South Korean App Store in connection with Epic’s breach of contract.