Exclusive: Bella Davis defends herself against Joel Kinnaman’s accusations

The model Bella Davis has responded through Cinemascomics to the statements made by the star of The Suicide Squad recounting her horrible experience with the actor

On August 9, Joel Kinnaman, one of the stars of the recently released in theaters Suicide squad, It was news for explaining in his social networks the restraining order requested from the Swedish model Bella Davis (Gabriella Magnusson), revealing that he was being extorted by her. The actor was accused by the model of having sexually assaulted her 2 years ago in New York while she was intoxicated.

Now Bella Davis has contacted cinemascomics to respond to the actor’s statements and tell the hell lived with the star of the Suicide Squad, Joel Kinnaman:

“Joel Kinnaman keeps accusing me of things that are not true. He has no proof and that’s what you need in court. He just made up something to distract from the fact that he raped me twice the second night and I have reported it to the police department and detective in Los Angeles and New York City. Even the Swedish polis.

Where is my story in all of this? Have they forgotten the stuff of black lives and the movement me too? I am the victim and I am the one with the proof.

It has hurt me psychologically and mentally, so I was ashamed and isolated for years and no woman should go through this. I have a life-long trauma now. “

Bella Davis has been very active through her account instagram since the news of the restraining order requested by the actor appeared sharing conversations with the actor’s agent, Orlando John, and the star of The Suicide Squad Joel Kinnaman.