Explore the mind of a dictator in Pagan: Control Far Cry 6

Ruthless dictator, criminal kingpin, Rangoon crab enthusiast: Pagan Min is synonymous with many things, and in Pagan: Control, the second DLC episode of Far cry 6, you will be able to experience what he really thinks. Find them Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Pagan: Control will allow you to play as the villain of Far cry 4 as you try to escape the prison of your own mind’s daydreams and find a chance at redemption.

Like the previous episode, Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control takes a gaming-inspired approach roguelike: after each death, you will lose money, weapons or any other item. However, if you can save enough money without dying, you can use it to buy better weapons or unlock permanent traits that will make Pagan stronger and allow him to carry more gadgets or keep some money after dying. As you make your way through the nightmare landscape inspired by Kyrat, you can complete the Armory Challenges to permanently unlock new weapons for purchase.

The stronger Pagan becomes, the more you can delve into his psyche, discover more about his past and the backstory of Far cry 4, as well as unlocking rewards that carry over to the main campaign of Far cry 6. If you prefer to make the trip in the company of a friend, if you have Pagan: Control, you can invite another person who has Far cry 6 on Xbox to join play in co-op mode, even if you don’t have the DLC.

Available as part of Season pass or as a separate purchase, Pagan: Control is the second of three downloadable content chapters focusing on the villains of Far cry. Vaas: Insanity, starring Vaas Montenegro from Far cry 3 in a distorted history of the Rook Islands, it is available now; while Joseph: Collapse, with Joseph “The Father” Seed from Far cry 5, It will arrive soon.

If you have Far cry 6, Get ready to play Pagan: Control and delve into this story starting today!