Explore the new O’dyllita region of Black Desert today

Just across the disputed borders to the east of Kamasylvia and over the mountains to the south of Dreihan, the long-awaited region of O’dyllita is finally open for you to explore in black desert! For adventurers who enjoy the thrill of an adventure, follow us as we embark on O’dyllita.

O’dyllita is a very closed society, so you’ll only be able to get all of the NPC knowledge by advancing up the main questline. For example, you will not be able to obtain Knowledge of the Queen of O’dyllita and her followers except through the main quest. Therefore, we recommend that you complete the main O’dyllita quest line to make your adventure through the region much more enjoyable. For any combat mission, don’t be scared by the recommended AP of O’dyllita’s new Monster Zones – the only monsters you need to face during the main quest line are as strong as those found in the Forest Manshaum of Kamasylvia.

To take your first step in O’dyllita, you can accept the main quest [Lv.60 O’dyllita I] Burning Moon Flower.

There are many new monster zones in O’dyllita.

Black Desert: O'dyllita Screenshot

In the Valley of Olun, all the monsters are extremely powerful, and one wrong move could be the end of you. That said, the Olun Valley golems are slow and predictable, so it will be easier once you get the hang of it.

The recommended strategy to defeat these monsters is to survive through coordination with your party members. Grab a couple of friends and head over – this place is designed for threesomes.

Black Desert: O'dyllita Screenshot

Thornwood Forest is an area controlled by the Fallen Ahib. If you’re the type of adventurer who regularly braves the Ruins of Hystria or the Temple of Aakman, Thornwood Forest shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’re looking to get the Ominous Ring and Spectre’s Energy, we recommend Thornwood Forest. You can get Spectre’s Energy from many places, but the monsters in Thornwood Forest have a better chance of dropping it.

Black Desert: O'dyllita Screenshot

Turos, these large bovine creatures, can be found in the Tunkuta Monster Zone. They have immense stamina and powerful strength, but they like to keep their distance from each other, so don’t worry about fighting too many at once. Find yourself an adventurer and embark on the Turos – this place is designed for duos!

Also, here you can get materials for the new Elixirs, as well as the Turo Belt. But the most exciting items in this place are without a doubt the Flame of Despair and the Embers of Despair. These items are crucial to turning Boss chest pieces into our next addition to the gear line: Fallen God Armor.

The Fallen God Armor can be created by turning a Pen Boss Chestpiece with a high enough Caphras level. Fallen God provides an additional upgrade beyond Pen for even more stats. If you’re looking to craft Fallen God, sticking to the Boss and Caphras pieces should be your priority.

Black Desert: O'dyllita Screenshot

Along with new armor, O’dyllita brings many new regional items, including the Delotia flower.

Delotia can be used to cook many new recipes: Delotia Juice, Delotia Milk Tea, Delotia Cake… Be sure to experiment with all the new regional foods in the kitchen.

O’dyllita also comes with many new potions. In addition to new types of elixirs, drafts, and perfumes, immortal versions of previous potions have also been introduced. These immortal potions will maintain their effects even through death.

A final novelty that comes to us from the O’dyllita region is a costume:

Black Desert: O'dyllita Screenshot

The Orzeca, granted by the queen of O’dyllita, Viorencia Odore, is now available. Collecting Quturan’s lungs and trading them with the NPC will give you both the Orzeca helmet and armor. If you are looking for an aesthetic with a malicious touch, La Orzeca is your outfit.

To celebrate the addition of a new region, many events will also be taking place throughout O’dyllita. Complete requests to receive great rewards like Buffs, Silver, Contribution and more!

Join us as we explore all the new items, monster zones, and quests in O’dyllita!