“F1 2022 does not have a story mode, but does have cross-play and super cars”

Industry insider is busy reporting from his sources. This time he reports that F1 2022 will give the series a major overhaul.

Henderson, who has been on the straight end in the past, claims now heard that the story mode (Breaking Point) has been dropped by Codemasters. However, the game will simply contain myTeam and the career modes.

The game will also get cross-play and VR support for the first time. It is not yet clear whether this will only work for the PC and PlayStation 5 version or whether it will also work for the last-gen PlayStation.

In addition, the game will also introduce supercars. So this is not about cars from one of the Formula series, but probably very exclusive cars. These can be collected by players and raced against other supercars online.

All the features will be handled in a HUB called F1 Live and this should fill the gap left by the story mode. Remarkably, this mode will return in F1 2023.

It’s still a rumor, of course, so take it all with a grain of salt. F1 2022 is expected this summer, so an announcement of the game shouldn’t be too long. Last year, F1 2021 was officially unveiled in April..