Facebook adds VR ads to Oculus Quest apps, podcasts on the main hub

In completely unsurprising news, Facebook has announced that it will be placing ads in its Oculus Quest apps. The world’s largest social media site uses ads to generate most of its revenue and is now bringing that expertise to its virtual reality space.

While this doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly see Takealot ads in the middle of your VR gaming experience, it does mean you’ll see ads in the menu and selected apps. Following on from the earlier announcement that people need a Facebook account to use the Oculus, the accumulation of a ton of personal data on the site means that a polished ad experience in the VR space will make it even more valuable to marketers. And annoying for users who realize how scary it is that Facebook knows everything about them.

We’ve known for a while that this was the intent of Facebook and it will be interesting to see how users react to the interruption of their VR space by ads. On the one hand, it feels invasive, but on the other, it can make Facebook more money to improve the VR experience and keep costs down. Unfortunately, there is always a trade-off we need to be prepared for when it comes to handing our precious data over to businesses.

This news coincides with Facebook also announcing that it will be bringing podcasts to Facebook profiles as well, in a move that will see it step more into the spaces occupied by Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music, only continuing the great tech battle that we continue to carry see of these great companies. As for how these podcasts will work, other than that, a tab will appear where users can upload them to their respective pages. Facebook has not disclosed any information about the copyright of these podcasts and how it will work if people have uploaded the same podcast on different platforms. Those are things the big suits should probably iron out before this feature releases globally.

Facebook is definitely stepping up its efforts to attract both users and money. And while adding podcasts to its already wide range of services might gain a few more users, it could lose a few more with an increase in advertising on the VR front.

Last updated: June 18, 2021