Fan Creates Bloodborne Mod That Restores Cut Cleric Beast Shortcut Door

Bloodborne fan modder Garden of Eyes has created a new mod that restores a shortcut from the game’s original release, allowing players to travel back to Central Yharnam from Cathedral Ward. FromSoftware was originally intended to include the shortcut as a way for players to get back to Central Yharnam after defeating the Cleric Beast at the end of the Great Bridge. However, the developer pulled it from the game for unknown reasons.

The shortcut was originally found by Bloodborne mud and YouTuber Lance McDonald, which proved that the shorter door was connected to an area in Cathedral Ward by hacking into the door. He also discovered that while the final version of the game didn’t include an actual passageway connecting the two areas, there was a “former shortcut room” in the game’s code below Cathedral Ward Square. At the end of the room he found a locked door. After hacking through the said wall, he found that even though the doors lined up, the game didn’t allow players to use them due to the way the levels loaded.

However, in the demo version of the game presented at the Tokyo Game Show in 2014, the door could actually be opened, although it was still unusable due to an invisible wall blocking the way. This discovery made it possible for colleagues Bloodborne modder Garden of Eyes to then restore the shortcut door functionality through a mod that changes game loading and collisions.

The result is a fully functional shortcut that allows players to traverse the two areas, although the modder himself notes that loading textures and levels can take a bit of time. They’ve even added a fog door that prevents players who haven’t defeated the Cleric Beast from getting through to avoid game-breaking bugs.

If you’d like to see the Cleric Beast express door in action for yourself, check out the Garden of Eyes video below: