Fans Love This Bloodborne PSX Demake

The fan-made bloodborne PSX demake has been a huge hit, with over 100,000 downloads to date since its release. The reinvention distills Yharnam into a PS1-esque experience and shows what Bloodborne would have looked like if it had been released in the late 1990s. It also gives PC players the chance to see what one of the most in-demand ports of all time could look like.

What is the Bloodborne PSX Demake?

Demakes have been a popular fangame genre, but few have gone as far as this rendition of what Bloodborne could have been on the PS1. Game developer Lilith Walther put a lot of work into this 32-bit version of Yharnum, which came about over a 13-month period and now it’s available for download. Bloodborne PSX doesn’t include the full game, but there’s a lot of Yharham available to explore, and it includes an ending. So it’s a full title in itself.

Unfortunately, no Bloodborne PC port or an enhanced edition for PS5 has been announced, regardless of the rumours. Despite other PlayStation-exclusive titles making the leap to PC, Sony and FromSoftware have remained silent on this highly sought-after title.

Bloodborne is one of the few FromSoftware titles to remain a PlayStation exclusive in recent years, leading many fans to think that Sony’s agreement with the studio must be very restrictive. First-party Sony games have seen successful PC ports, but things are more complicated because FromSoftware is a third-party studio. If it can’t share in the profits of a port of Bloodborne, it’s possible that Sony will want to keep the game on its consoles. If that’s the case, the best we can hope for is a PS5 patch or remake at some point.

In other news, Far Cry 6 DLC is coming next week and the developers of Godfalls are working on a new shooter.