Far Cry 6 Gameplay Looks Like Leaked, New Character Introduced

Far Cry 6 gameplay seems to have leaked on YouTube via an uncredited video, showing 12 minutes of what appears to be gameplay on PC, with some menu management and weapon customization, and some combat and stealth gameplay.

Ubisoft’s next episode in the Far cry saga isn’t far off from launch, which isn’t coming until October, so it’s not entirely surprising to see gameplay possibly starting to make the rounds earlier. Ubisoft was ready to show it.

However, the gameplay looks very polished, so at least there’s a positive side to this leak. You can check out the gameplay for yourself here:


The clip also shows you going from third person to first person, calling vehicles at your camp base, and we even get to see some in-air gameplay with a helicopter ride to the second half of the video.

We also meet for the first time a new character, Jonron, second in command of another group of guerrillas, La Moral.

Source – [YouTube]