Fast and Furious 9 will get a director’s cut

After the enormous success that was Fast and furious 9, Vin Diesel decided to release a director’s cut and already revealed a first trailer on social media.

During the pandemic and full quarantine, Fast and furious 9 managed to become one of the most successful premieres of this 2021. This film was directed by Justin lin And since its debut, the film has already raised a total of $ 700 million. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vin Diesel wants to continue betting on this particular film. In this way, the film will have a director’s cut.

Without a doubt, Fast and furious 9 and the other films are a great success worldwide. From its first installment, the franchise became one of the most profitable sagas in the film industry. That being said, a few weeks ago, Vin Diesel confirmed when will your tenth delivered and that, side by side, he will film tape number 11. Now, he anticipated what the director’s version of the ninth installment will be like, which will arrive in digital version and Blu-ray.

Director’s cut

Fast and furious 9 focuses on Dominic Toretto and the rest of the characters that we met throughout the franchise. The team must face Jakob Toretto, the younger brother of the protagonist who was played by John Cena; and Cipher, played by Charlize Theron. Although this film did not get many positive reviews, there is no denying that it was a box office success.

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Recently, Vin Diesel shared on his social networks a preview of the director’s version of the ninth installment. The truth is that the video does not reveal much material about it, but the actor mentioned how excited he is about the return of Justin Lin to the franchise. Without a doubt, fans of the saga will not want to miss this version of the director, which promises to have a lot of adrenaline, action scenes and vertigo.

The film is already available in pre-sale for Spain on Amazon. Book it here.