Fast-paced Shooter Post Void coming to PS4 and PS5 in Spring 2022

Super Rare Originals took to the PlayStation blog to confirm Post invalid blasting its way to PS4 and PS5 in Spring 2022.

Post Void, a fast and challenging shooter, has a fairly simple concept: you are armed with a pistol and an idol with your health, with the sole purpose of speed. Players must keep moving and fill your idol by making kills; slowing down will ultimately result in your downfall, and there are no lives or retries.

However, each playthrough will be different from the last due to the procedurally generated stages, and your overall goal is to reach the oasis at the end of the level and get a random upgrade.

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There are no places to hide, or to stop and catch your breath, and one slip can end your run. The runs are short, so death doesn’t sting long – and you will die, again, and again, and again. Just jump back in and improve your skills.

Post Void is slated for a Spring 2022 release for PS4 and PS5.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]