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Favorite gaming activities for online players in 2022

pc gaming

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on gaming trends worldwide. People were forced to look for alternative entertainment activities. This forced a large majority of players to join online casinos and buy some of the best gaming consoles on the market.

In 2020, the global gaming market recorded a 23% increase in revenue. The market generated more than $177 billion in revenue.

The increased need for gaming activities will be no different in 2022. There are an estimated three billion players in the online gaming market worldwide. This number is only expected to rise further this year.

Top gaming trends in 2022

Loyal and dedicated players will spend hours playing their favorite game. Online gaming has slowly replaced the movie-watching culture. The fact that we don’t have to leave the house to enjoy is reassuring.

Here are the key trends expected to explode in 2022:

Online roulette games

Online roulette games are the most popular table games available in most US casinos according to Casino USA.com This beloved classic table game has French origins. It is easy to play and players have a lot of fun with it. If we are looking for a simple yet lucrative table game to spend money on, online roulette is the first choice.

There are numerous reputable online roulette sites. These sites are properly licensed and authorized by gambling authorities to conduct business in the US.

Virtual Reality (VR) games

Virtual reality gaming is one of the best things to happen in recent times. Virtual reality is a virtual computer generated game world. In this world, scenes, objects and everything else seem real. These virtual reality games immerse the player, making us forget the real world for a few hours of gaming fun.

2020 holds great promise regarding the release of more virtual reality based games.


eSports became very popular in 2021. In 2019 there were a whopping 400 million eSports enthusiasts worldwide. One of the most popular eSports organizations made more than $95 billion in 2020. There is a positive trend indicating that 2022 will be bigger and better.

eSports has also given a boost to sectors such as the console industry. To play games like Fortnite we need the latest consoles† Such as the latest PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

social gaming

I am active enough on social media so I see the many games available for online players. Even before the pandemic, there were many social game players. The restrictions on travel and interactions caused even more people to switch to online gaming.

As long as we have a social media account, we can access games like Mafia Wars and The Sims Social. It doesn’t end there as there are many mobile gaming options with multiplayer features. Play games like Words with Friends, Scrabble GO and Uno!

cloud gaming

This is also known as gaming on demand. Cloud gaming is another trend to watch in 2022. It’s for everyone as long as we have a console and a reliable internet connection. With cloud gaming, we can stream our favorite games and start playing in minutes.

The stress of downloading apps and files is a thing of the past with cloud gaming. All game data and files are stored in the cloud. There are many cloud gaming services. They contain:

  • Google Stadia
  • Playstation Now
  • Shadow
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming

The game selection is also huge with games like FIFA 22, Cyberpunk 2077 and Destiny 2.

The future of online gaming in the US

Some of us play to pass the time, while others do it to make a living. Regardless, video games and online casino games are not expected to decline anytime soon. In fact, many game stores are reporting the sudden need for consoles.

Once a video game console hits the market, we have to jump on it before it sells out. Thanks to technology, there are many developments and improvements to these consoles. These adjustments only make the game better. Perhaps that is why there are more video gamers today than ever before.

It can be difficult to choose the best console for us because of the many options. The good thing is that the options are suitable for all ages and genders. Research predicts $175 billion in revenue by the end of 2022. Given the many individuals jumping on video gaming in America and worldwide, this figure could soar.