Filtered a spectacular detail about The Batman

A spectacular detail about The Batman starring Robert Pattinson has just been leaked. It has given us goosebumps.

There are still a few weeks until the premiere of batman, but at least it is getting less and less. Everything points to the movie Matt Reeves It is going to be one of the great premieres of 2022, but also one of the most impressive films in the history of DC Comics. Perhaps it will even end up being the definitive version of the Dark Knight, as they are insisting from a lot of places directly related to the production of Warner Bros. Pictures.

Waiting for new official details about the film starring Robert PattinsonNow a very shocking detail about the film has been leaked. An outrage at the moment batman that will give goosebumps to the most faithful lovers of Bat Man in the comics. Considering that the film has already been screened in some places, perhaps this leak is true. And it has all the earmarks that it is, because it doesn’t reveal much in terms of the story, but it does reveal much in terms of the devotion with which this new film from the Gotham bat.

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A real detective and technological bat is coming!

The information is the following:

«Apparently, Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will be wearing high-tech contact lenses with some sort of powerful built-in camera in the movie. That’s great«, has assured this user on social networks. We are in front of a very significant detail, since it means finally seeing a version of the character that we have been demanding for a long time: a detective and technological bat!

the premiere of batman It will be March 4. Less is left!